‘American Werewolf’ transformation scene recreated in stop motion with figurines

Image via NECA Toys/The Big Bad Toy Store

One of the leading manufacturers in collectible toys and merchandise, NECA Toys, recently posted an Instagram video showcasing their latest line of figures based on the 1981 classic horror-comedy, An American Werewolf in London. The Instagram video, which has received almost 50,000 likes, was created by DGDX Animation.

Directed by John Landis, the movie’s premise revolves around David and Jack, two American backpackers traveling through London. When a vicious werewolf attacks the duo, only David survives, but an undead Jack returns to warn him that he will transform into a murderous beast upon the next full moon.

Video via necaofficial on Instagram

In an American Werewolf in London, the prophecy comes to fruition, and David Kessler transforms into a werewolf under the full moon. NECA Toys have named the collectible “Kessler Wolf,” and the stop motion video — impressively made given the daunting procedure — highlights the features of the plastic figure up-close and personal in a creative and entertaining fashion.

NECA Toys followers and film fanatics alike have flocked to local Walmarts and independent toy stores in the hopes of grabbing a Kessler Wolf figure, but the never-before-seen collectible is flying off the shelves by the looks of the comments. Some die-hard fans are even asking for figures of the other characters, such as Jack Goodman. Hopefully, NECA will answer their prayers and release a full line of American Werewolf figurines.