‘Andor’ viewers are noticing a distinct lack of a ‘Star Wars’ staple in the spinoff

Diego Luna as Andor
Image via Lucasfilm

After viewing the first three episodes of Andor, some Star Wars fans have noticed that a key component is missing.

Andor is the highly anticipated prequel to Rogue One set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. It tells the story of how Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), a thief from Kenari, become a member of the Rebel Alliance. The new series has been widely praised for being a grounded and mature iteration of the iconic space odyssey.

Jorndevriez97 took to Reddit to discuss what they feel is the conspicuous absence of an essential component of the franchise. They posted an image of a group of extraterrestrials at a watering hole somewhere in the galaxy with the caption, “What happened to all the aliens in the new series?”

As it turns out, the majority of fans noticed plenty of aliens in Andor. InfiniteDedekindCuts says they spotted quite a few in the scenes on Ferrix, including Aki-Aki.

Redditor awesome_van pointed out that while there were aliens in Andor, they may not have been as noticeable as they did not appear as main or even secondary characters.

Abner_Doubleday suggested that the aliens in Andor are less conspicuous because the show is set in areas controlled by the divisive Galactic Empire.

AnyNamesLeftAnymore made the point that aliens in Star Wars movies used to speak different languages that were understood by the people they communicated with but not by the audience whereas in the new content aliens speak the same language as humans.

The way aliens are portrayed in the new content is evolving. For many fans they remain the most captivating aspect of the Star Wars franchise. Andor seems to be taking a unique approach to their presence, making them more subtle and less obtrusive.