Chris Evans plays with puppies, and people can’t handle it

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

As if Marvel actor Chris Evans wasn’t cute enough before, he somehow just got even cuter. Earlier today, the Lightyear star took to his official Twitter account to promote his recently completed Puppy Interview with Buzzfeed, where he posted a behind-the-scenes photo of him laying on the floor while a pack of puppies unapologetically shower him in puppy love.

The aforementioned photo, which features Evans in front of a purple backdrop and sporting a striped white shirt, showcases the adorable litter of puppies as one licks his hand while another climbs up the side of his neck. “Just a peek…,” Evans wrote in the caption of the tweet. You can check it out for yourself below:

Prior to the heart-warming photo, Evans announced via his Twitter account yesterday that filming for the interview had wrapped. “Puppy interview completed. No other interview will ever compare. I still smell like puppies,” wrote in the caption of that post.

Following Evans posting the exclusive puppy photo, fans have wasted little time joking with the 40-year-old actor by claiming that he was cheating on Dodger, Evans’ dog that he adopted from an animal shelter back in 2015.

Other users are simply melting at the overall cuteness of the picture.

Evans collaborated with Buzzfeed for the interview while doing a press tour for Lightyear, which is in theaters June 17. And while Buzzfeed has yet to upload the official interview, fans will no doubt be clamoring to witness the eventual cuteness volcano that is sure to erupt.