Cillian Murphy reveals when he knew ‘Peaky Blinders’ was a phenomenon

Image via the BBC

Just in time for the release of the sixth and final season of Peaky Blinders on Netflix, the man of the hour, Cillian Murphy, has decided to address the show’s success in a recent interview, attributing it to word of mouth more than anything the BBC could have conjured in terms of marketing.

In a chat with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy recalled the moment of realization that the show had more reach than he and the rest of the crew had accounted for, and it happened around the time season three was about to start airing on the British network.

“I like that you said that it was one hundred percent by word of mouth because that is true. We were a little show on BBC Two and the BBC does not spend much money on advertising. For me, it was when we went to the premiere of series three in Birmingham and there were thousands of people there and they were dressed as Peaky Blinders. Obviously, it’s about that city and it’s from there so it’s special, but at the same time, it was people all over the world having Peaky Blinder parties and Peaky Blinder weddings and there [were] all these pop-up shops and bars. Between series two and three for me was really when it started to become this phenomenon.”

Since then, legions of fans have been perpetually hazed by Tommy Shelby’s manly bravado and bouts of heroism, as few and far between as they turn out to be. With the final season bringing a semblance of a conclusion to the series, though, it might be a while until we see the actor back in the role, interminably puffing cigarettes and sipping Irish whiskey.

Details about a potential movie sequel are being kept tightly under wraps for the time being, but creator Steven Knight has assured fans that the work continues at a reasonable pace.