DC Reveals The Flash’s Lenticular Cover For Crossover With Batman

flash lenticular banner

Ever since the upcoming crossover involving Batman and The Flash was originally announced, those following the biggest mysteries surrounding Rebirth have been waiting with bated breath. Fortunately, a few more details were made available last week, including the reveal of Jason Fabok’s lenticular cover for Batman #21.

What was not included, however, was an equivalent for The Flash #21. Sure, we did get to see a 2D image, but it just wasn’t the same as seeing a piece of artwork that moves. Luckily, DC has just unveiled a GIF depicting what Fabok’s lenticular cover for that part of the crossover will look like, and it can be found at the bottom of this article.

Although the image displays what would likely happen to Eobard Thawne if he were to ever cross Doctor Manhattan, it’s highly doubtful the evil speedster will meet his end anytime soon given that we recently learned he’s set to show up in The Flash’s next story arc that kicks off in May.

While we wait for April to get here, be sure to check out this preliminary synopsis for The Flash/Batman crossover below:

Courtesy of the Batman team of writer Tom King and artist Jason Fabok, along with The Flash writer Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter, the two greatest detectives in the DC Universe unite to unravel the mystery behind a certain blood stained smiley face button stuck in the Batcave wall. However, what begins as a simple investigation soon turns deadly when the secrets of the button prove irresistible to an unwelcome third party – and it’s not who anyone suspects! This is a mystery woven throughout time, and the countdown starts here!