deadmau5 Uploads Three More Downtempo Gems To SoundCloud


At the rate deadmau5 is going, Project Entropy will have enough music for an entire festival. The progressive house mastermind has uploaded track after track after track to his SoundCloud account, and while many of them appeared to be different versions of the same work in progress, the last few follow an unexpected stylistic tangent.

Tracks titled “yoloswagbae,” “CthulhuTwerks” and “Name Your Track” feature the half time drum beat of dubstep, with varying degrees of the accompanying LFO loop bass wobbles incorporated into the arrangement. The first upload sounds as though it could have been an earlier version of the second and third – the former of which features more bass while the latter features more melody.

In light of the mishaps that led to the cancelled dates on the Mau5hax Bus Tour, it comes as no surprise that deadmau5 would have ample time to spend in the studio – especially considering how nice of one the mau5trap signees on the tour have at their disposal. Since the tour won’t be back on track until Sunday, March 20th, fans can likely expect more from him during that time as well.

In the meantime, listen to the new uploads to deadmau5‘ SoundCloud and let us know what you think in the comments below.