Disclosure’s Caracal Gets Album Art And Release Date


Few names have carried as much weight as Disclosure over the course of the recent house music resurgence, and so far 2015 has proven to be just as big of a year for the Surrey, England duo. After bringing their “Wild Life” event concept to Light Nightclub in Las Vegas and firing off a couple new tracks in the past month, the two brothers have finally unveiled album art for their upcoming effort, Caracal, along with a release date.

A caracal is an African wildcat with fanciful fur tufts on the tips of its ears, and after Howard Lawrence learned about the creature while on tour, it became a spirit animal of sorts for the album.

“I just love the way they look, their physical capabilities and their anonymity,” Howard explained. “It felt like a perfect fit for our Wild Life brand too, so the Caracal made perfect sense as the lead visual for the new album and…it also felt like a natural title for the new record too.”

The choice for the caracal as a central theme for Disclosure’s new album doesn’t seem as powerful as what we’re used to from the outfit. The superimposed caricatures of their 2013 EP The Face made for universal branding elements that could be applied to anything with their name on it, but as cool and obscure jungle cats are, the caracal’s likeness can only be used for so much. As for the release date, Disclosure‘s Caracal is slated for release on September 25th.

Tell us, are you excited for the duo’s long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s Settle? Sound off below!