Disney Plus glitch causes countless episodes of popular shows to go missing

Image via Disney

Disney Plus subscribers were met with a rude awakening on April 18, when they realied some of their favorite shows had vanished into thin air.

Some customers were dismayed to find that episodes of series like Duck Tales, X-Men, Rocket & Groot, Lizzie McGuire, Agent Carter, and several others were unavailable. Initially, disgruntled subscribers took to Twitter and other social media platforms to voice their displeasure over the issue.

Disney Plus typically hasn’t suffered these types of issues in the past, so this glitch bringing so many customers down was definitely the source of frustration for a variety of users. It’s not unlike Disney to swap titles in and out of its collection of shows, however, and logging in to see these titles no longer available likely led viewers to believe that was what had happened.

Originally, this issue was meant to be resolved within the space of an hour, but that has not been the case. The missing shows have remained unavailable much longer than initially planned, it would seem.

According to Deadline, at the time of this writing, Disney has apparently implemented a fix that will restore the episodes for affected users, though it appears to be a much more widespread issue than a simple glitch. Unfortunately, the fix that’s meant to resolve the problem will end up taking a bit longer than originally anticipated. In fact, they likely won’t be resolved even by the end of the day.

If you’re trying to watch one of these series, don’t panic. It’s just a glitch, so no need to adjust your set. You might want to take this time to look over some of the new content coming to the service, like the latest Ms. Marvel poster, or the announcement that we’ll be getting a second season of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.