‘Doctor Strange 2’ once had a lot of beheading, but ultimately it was cut

Fans can now check out Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness digitally both via streaming or by purchasing the film, and along with the digital copy comes a ton of behind-the-scenes content for the film.

One of these special features includes commentary from the film’s creators, director Sam Raimi and head writer Michael Waldron. Both of these team members shared different tails of a beheading that were ultimately cut from the film.

In the audio commentary for the film, Raimi revealed that Wanda originally killed Baron Mordo, beheading him and delivering his head to Doctor Strange in a later scene. This would fall in line with a rumor from earlier this year that Mordo was set to start off the film hunting down the Scarlet Witch before being killed.

Furthermore, Waldron details a scene where Wanda was to behead a sorcerer and then use their corpse to fight against others during the battle at Kamar-Taj.

“The Scarlet Witch cut [a sorcerer’s] head off, and then puppeteered his headless body against his comrades. Probably wouldn’t have been ok for a PG13 rating but it was cool.” 

The writer explained why this didn’t make the final cut of the film attributing it to meeting the PG-13 rating. This is most likely the same reason that Mordo’s death was not included either.

With the digital launch of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, fans can finally add the movie to their collection. A physical launch of the film will take place in July.

If you’re looking to stream the film, Doctor Strange 2 is on Disney Plus right now.