‘Fast X’ hemorrhaging money on a daily basis without a director

Fast & Furious

Much like the plots of the movies, the story of Fast X continues to grow more convoluted by the day, with the penultimate installment in the multi-billion dollar franchise veering closer to crisis as the cast and crew find themselves in a holding pattern following the departure of Justin Lin.

Naturally, conspiracy theories arose in the immediate aftermath that Vin Diesel might have had something to do with it, given the star and producer’s well-known desire to exert control and wield his influence over the proceedings, which is why Dwayne Johnson ultimately abandoned ship.

Fans don’t want him to direct, either, but a report from Variety indicates that Fast X needs to find a replacement for Lin sooner rather than later, with the production throwing anywhere up to a million dollars a day down the drain as everyone involved waits to see what comes next.

Fast X is on location and has a release date staked out, leaving the team in an unfortunate position. There’s only a finite amount of time that things can remain paused in the United Kingdom when the shoot has plenty of other countries and locations to visit, so it’s not ideal for the director’s chair to remain empty for much longer.

Jason Momoa, Brie Larson, and Charlize Theron are singled out as a trio of A-listers who have a huge amount of obligations elsewhere given their current schedules, but so far there hasn’t been any news regarding Universal having a replacement lined up to step in and right a ship that’s in danger of becoming completely rudderless.