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For someone who plays a spacefaring superhero, Brie Larson displays an alarming failure to grasp the fundamental basics of gravity

That's not what your limbs are supposed to be doing.

captain marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

Regardless of whether or not you’re one of the concerning number of people to have boarded the Brie Larson hate train and refused to get off ever since her Marvel Cinematic Universe casting was first announced, it can’t be argued that the Academy Award winner’s social media is a strange place.

The sort of curated quirk that both intoxicates and infuriates in equal measure, Larson regularly tends to pop up with bizarre motivational quotes, offbeat asides, and the requisite array of selfies. Her most recent ticks all of those boxes, even if it’s somewhat curious that an actress to have headlined a billion-dollar blockbuster where she plays a spacefaring superhero has opted to openly mock the very fundamentals of gravity by casting her limbs out in an unnecessary amount of directions that would make Isaac Newton squirm.

Then again, having spent time flying with pilots to prepare for her debut as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, before spending an inordinate of time strapped into a harness and being tossed around a wire rig with reckless abandon across her appearances in Avengers: Endgame and November’s The Marvels, maybe it’s taking her a little longer than usual to re-acclimatize to what it’s like to sit still as a normal person.

On the other hand, it’s perfectly in keeping with her carefully-curated carefree shtick on social media, even if you’ve got to wonder what makes it a “delicate balancing act” when you’d suspect the slightest breeze would knock her contorted array of arms and legs over in a pinch.

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