Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon Gets A New Mission This May


After a brief stint trapped on Earth, Guardians of the Galaxy hero Rocket Raccoon is heading back into space for Rocket #1 this May. The current series will end after issue #5 is released in April and this new outing looks set to revolve around the character embarking on a life of intergalactic crime across the Marvel Universe.

As you can see on the cover below, Rocket will be paired with members of Technet, a group of inter-dimensional bounty hunters from Excalibur. Al Ewing is writing the series, while Adam Gorham provides the art. Meanwhile, editor Jordan D. White had this to say about what we should expect from the comic book, which launches just in time for the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in theaters this May.

“This is the book you never realized you desperately needed from a talking raccoon. It’s The Maltese Falcon if the falcon was the detective. It’s The Hunter, except the hunter is a rodent. And in space. Honestly, you gotta read it—it sets a new standard in the spacecrime continuum!”

While there’s no denying that this series sounds like a lot of fun, it also highlights a major problem with Marvel. After just five issues of the current Rocket Raccoon run, they’re tweaking the title and launching a new #1 issue. Someone really needs to tell them that a different creative team doesn’t mean that a whole new series is needed.

Those frustrations aside (which many new readers say makes it impossible to know where to start with Marvel’s titles), seeing the fan-favourite Guardians of the Galaxy character take centre stage like this should be great fun, and will hopefully last more than five months. It might be best not to get your hopes up about that, though.

Either way, check out the cover below and give us your thoughts in the comments section!