Harley Quinn Is The New Leader Of The Suicide Squad


If you’ve been following Suicide Squad throughout the Rebirth era, then you’d know that despite the team consisting of pretty much the same lineup seen in the feature film, it’s a very different beast. Heck, keeping Enchantress on board and romantically pairing her with Killer Croc is only one example that illustrates my point.

Speaking of members of Task Force X who’ve been engaging in sexual congress, Harley Quinn and Rick Flag were another duo to find love on the battlefield as they, too, recently found themselves involved in a workplace romance, to put it mildly. But, when Flag sacrificed himself at the end of the previous arc, that left two voids: One in leadership and one in Harley’s heart.

That said, Suicide Squad #20 sees Amanda Waller giving consideration as to whom should step up to fill that role. Writer Rob Williams spoke of this on an episode of DC All Access that was released right before the issue hit stands, so despite not offering spoilers, he did lend insight into what’s to come.

But, now that it’s seen release, we’re free to talk about Harley Quinn being promoted to Squad leader. Yes, it came as a shock to everyone, including the former Clown Princess of Crime herself, but Waller reasons that if anyone can unite the team, it’s her, as recent missions have proven.

Still, it’s hard not to bring up how Suicide Squad continues to contradict the solo Harley Quinn series, making it feel like they take place in two separate universes. Don’t get me wrong, Williams’ interpretation is in no way invalid or any less compelling, but having her possibly reverting back to being like the Joker – or worse – undoes four years of character development built by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Our advice? Just continue enjoying them as separate entities.

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