Here’s what to do about the Apple message ‘An SSL Error Has Occurred’

Apple products
Photo by David Stewart/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

A huge Apple outage occurred today, and users have been getting all sorts of error messages that they wouldn’t usually see. It wasn’t just online either, as there were some retail issues as well, forcing the employees to use some old school techniques.

One of the messages that also keeps coming up is “An SSL Error Has Occurred.” According to OSXDaily, this happens because of a connection issue between the device and the servers that run the App Store (this is when trying to download from App Store).

Here are some tips to help with that particular issue. Firstly, make sure your device is connected to the Internet, and that your connection is reliable. Restart your router, or opt for a wired in connection, if possible (on a Mac).

Also check the date and time settings on your Mac. If those are set wrong, they can lead to error messages as well. Most error messages are related to a connection, and if they can’t be fixed from the user end, the only thing to do is wait for Apple’s issues to resolve themselves.

Make sure to check the Apple Support system status page for outages. You can find that page here. Another good resource is downdetector, which can let users know if other people are having the same issue, or if they’re dealing with it in a different region. That’s not an official Apple site, however, so keep that in mind and use it with other sources as well.

Finally, the official Apple Support Twitter page is also a go-to reference for information about what’s going on. You can find that here.