Is ‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown dating since her split from Kody Brown?

Christine and Kody of Sister Wives
Image Via Today

It’s been a year since beloved sister wife Christine Brown left the Brown clan, and she is getting on with her new life.

Christine was Sister Wives Kody Brown’s third wife and part of the original Sister Wives crew. She and Kody were married for 26 years, tying the knot when Christine was only 21 years old. The couple had their ups and downs navigating the tricky world of polygamous marriage. Before long the couple’s downs began to far outweigh the ups and Christine made the difficult choice to leave her marriage.

While the choice was difficult it was clear Christine was off to live her best life, and fans thought so too. Even Google showed their support for Christine’s decision by temporarily changing Kody’s Google status to “Christine Brown’s ex-husband”. Since the divorce, Christine has moved to Salt Lake where she is still filming for Sister Wives, has started her own spinoff show Cooking With Christine, and apparently has started dating again!

In an interview with Today, Christine revealed that she has been on several dates but is in no rush to get married again. She says she has been hitting a two-date max, where she will go out with someone for about two dates but then after that it “gets scary”. Christine reveals she loves her new life and doesn’t want anything or anyone to “mess it up”, yet she says dating has been “a blast” and that she “loves it.”

Christine’s brood of six children is quickly expanding to include multiple grandchildren, as her daughter Mykelti just had twins. She is surrounded by friends and family in Utah, and continues to have a close bond with her former sister wife Janelle and her children.

Christine also reports that her 12-year-old daughter, Truely, who moved with her to Utah, is settling in nicely. She says that both of them have “established routines” that they “love” and are surrounded by the community they’ve always wanted to have. So while Christine is back on the dating scene she has made it clear that it is not her priority at the moment. It is all just part of her living her best life.

While Christine may not be officially part of the Sister Wives Brown family anymore, she will always hold a place in fans’ hearts. So it is no surprise that many fans have commented in support of Christine’s journey to self-discovery and her foray back into the dating pool. So with all the good luck and support that has been coming Christine’s way lately, maybe a new male member of the Sister Wives clan might just make an appearance before we know it.