Jack Ü’s Where Are Ü Now Video Almost Makes The Song Bearable


With how much we’ve bagged on Jack Ü‘s Justin Bieber collaboration, “Where Are Ü Now,” we certainly didn’t expect to like the song’s video that much. We believe in giving credit where credit is due, though, and the video itself has turned out to be worth the hype.

Bieber and Diplo tweeted during the filming of the video last month, revealing a small tidbit of the footage to be featured in the final version. What they didn’t show us was how much would be done with the footage; crudely-drawn cartoons characteristic of the Jack Ü brand are superimposed over Bieber throughout the video, and the accompanying footage of high school hallways compliments the overall feel of the track.

Similarly, Bieber’s dance moves throughout the video are actually fairly impressive. His vocals were ironically the track’s only saving grace to begin with, and his presence in the video further solidifies his talent as a performer – even in the midst of his controversial growing pains as a child star coming of age.

A blurb accompanying the video reads:

“Justin wrote this record during a tough time in his life and it comes to us that sometimes, as artists, we are also just objects and we have to take that as much as we have to use that to create. We all do this for you, respect that you put us here and it’s Ü that made the video.”

Check out the official video for Jack Ü‘s “Where Are Ü Now” above and tell us what you think in the comments section below.