Latest ’Yellowstone’ News: Beth reminds us of the key to saving the kingdom as fans celebrate 3 weeks until the season five premiere

The Yellowstone cast posed in a field with a pickup
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Happy Sunday, Yellowstone fans, and welcome to another roundup ahead of the exciting season five premiere of Paramount’s number-one cowboy drama. The series is reminding fans of two important things today, both of which are as thrilling as they are important: we are officially three weeks away from the start of new episodes airing, and there’s only one way to save the kingdom.

Of course, that quote is from a tense and emotional scene, intense and real: and it happens to be one of our favorites. So if you need to know more, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Just grab a blanket and your beverage of choice, and let’s ride in! 

We’re three weeks from the season five premiere 

The countdown for the fifth season has been on since the finale of season four, but with the calendar showing less time until November, it feels more official now. 

The Yellowstone social media accounts are proof that those involved with the series are as excited as fans are because they shared the official countdown today. I’m just three weeks; we’ll be going to Montana once again to visit our favorite ranch hands, cowboys, and of course — Beth Dutton.

As the season five trailer highlights, significant changes have taken place at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, including John Dutton’s new title: governor. One thing that won’t change, however, is that they’ll still have quite a struggle to work through. Just because John’s office space looks different these days doesn’t mean that things will be all sunshine and rainbows. 

Beth reminds us all that there’s one way to save the kingdom

In a clip shared by Yellowstone’s Twitter account, a clip from episodes past was shared. During a tense conversation, Beth reminds her father that there are only two options to save the kingdom, and neither of them is in dealing with morality. The Duttons haven’t stood on the moral ground in quite some time – and for a good reason. The target on their back only grows larger with each passing season, and the stakes get higher with each episode.

“There is no morality here, dad. None. There is keep the kingdom or there is lose the kingdom.”

They have to fight dirty to keep the family, the kingdom, and the name intact. This is nothing John has ever disputed, but you can tell that he gets tired; sometimes, he needs Beth to light the fire underneath him again.  

John doesn’t stop pressing the issue here, however, and he tells Beth that if it’s a kingdom, they’re going to live by his rules at it. He tells her she needs to fight with morality, whether or not she likes it. John follows it up by telling her something he’s never said to her before, something he’s never felt: he’s not proud of her for the first time. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small child or an adult; making your parents proud is likely essential to you, and it is for Beth. She’s hurt, she feels betrayed somehow, and what comes next is him telling her that he can handle it from here: words he, once again, has never uttered to her aloud. 

While things in season 4 ended on a brighter note between them, we’re sure this conversation will come up again in the future. With something this powerful, there’s no way it’ll just be brushed over.

Yellowstone rewind: season two, episode nine

“Enemies By Monday” has got to be one of our favorite episodes of Yellowstone as a whole. It’s one of the first times we see Monica and Beth have a true understanding between them. 

When Monica visits a boutique, she’s accosted by the owner due to her heritage and race. Monica isn’t their “usual clientele,” but the owner takes it a step further than just being rude to her.

She has law enforcement brought in to get Monica undressed and check her for “stolen items.” It’s humiliating and painful, and Monica knows she has to call someone who can stop what’s happening; so who does she dial? Beth Dutton herself. Now, we all know Beth loves a challenge, so when she comes inside and asks what’s going on, the owner begins to talk to her like she’ll take her side. She believes Beth won’t appreciate someone Native American shopping in an “upscale boutique.” She quickly learns that Beth isn’t here to play games, well — at least not the ones she wants her to be playing.

Beth strides in and tells Monica to get dressed, urging the cops that she knows them and knows nothing they say will help their case should she decide to press charges. They leave without saying another word, and Monica also tries to walk out, feeling less than human after the experience.

Beth tells her not to go; if she does, she’ll miss all the fun. Next, she locks the door and changes the sign from open to close: Beth’s game begins.

She begins “shopping,” which is really just a clever way of saying she’s going to call everything in the store tacky and cheap before breaking glass and tearing it apart.

Monica sits by as she watches it happen, but when Beth begins to give the owner a taste of her own medicine, Monica steps up and tells her that enough is enough: still not wishing to put someone through what she just went through herself. Fans are still torn about their affinity for Monica, but this was a shining moment for her character, taking the high ground when she didn’t have to, nor would fans have been mad had she wanted to fight dirty too.

The rest of the episode is full of the darkness Yellowstone fans have grown used to, but nothing is as heartbreaking as when everyone on the ranch realizes that Tate is missing. Yes, Monica and Kayce’s son is nowhere to be found, and tensions are high with the Beck brothers all but promising to kidnap him in the previous episode.

Fans have to wait to find out what happens to him until the next episode, and we can assure you that no one rested easy between episodes nine and 10 airing. If you’re doing a rewatch of your own, we recommend watching episode 10 tomorrow, but don’t forget to take a relaxing deep breath before starting; it’s a wild ride.