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Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Luke Grimes butters us up with sweet promises, while Beth Dutton provokes pointy opinions

We’re not quite sure Beth Dutton cares too much about anyone’s opinion.

Beth Dutton
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Happy Friday, Yellowstone lovers; it’s an emotionally charged day to be a fan of the series as it approaches its season 5 premiere. Luke Grimes has fans thirsting over an Instagram post and its accompanying promise, while viewers are up in arms about Beth Dutton in a new Reddit thread. Of course, it’s nothing new for Beth to keep fans riled up; she loves being the taste they can’t get out of their mouths. She doesn’t care about the opinions of people beneath her, and let’s face it; few people are on Beth’s level. So from the charming Luke Grimes to the fierce Beth Dutton, there’s a lot of fan chatter happening today. You know the drill: take a load off your tired workboots, grab your favorite drink, and let’s ride in!

Luke Grimes has our attention with his latest Instagram post

Luke Grimes shared a new snapshot on Instagram, and fans are both thirsty and opinionated after seeing it. Of course, his newly found presence in the social media realm is appreciated.

His first post announced that he’s driving down the road to a country music career and performing at Stagecoach. Needless to say, fans quickly decided to start planning a trip to the desert for the music festival.

Last night, his post got fans talking because of his promise about selfies and the fact that he plans to post very few. Fans responded to his promise with a challenge: selfies shouldn’t be kept to a minimum; they want all of the Luke Grimes handsomeness they can get!

He also told fans to expect updates in his future posts, so we’re crossing our fingers that those come soon!

This Reddit thread has people divided on Beth Dutton

Beth Dutton is one of the most polarizing characters in Taylor Sheridan’s universe so far. She’s feisty, fierce, and gorgeous; she demands respect when she walks into a room and has the attention of each set of eyes. Beth doesn’t go anywhere without getting a reaction, which is true for the social media realm.

A Reddit thread is asking whether other fans think Beth is headed for redemption anytime soon. The thing about redemption is that she’s not asking for it, and some won’t ever say she needs it. Beth knows the repercussions of the decisions she makes, and she doesn’t do much apologizing or asking for forgiveness.

This fan isn’t holding back their opinion on Beth, calling her a monster, but also wondering what made her that way. We’ve seen a lot of her backstory, but there still is an overwhelming grey area in the realm of her relationship with her mom. You could tell that there was strife, but why was she treated with such a lack of compassion by the woman who should have loved her most?

All that said, some fans can’t feel a positive ounce of emotion for Beth — no matter what she went through. It’s also been pointed out that if you’re Team Jamie, you’re likely not on Team Beth.

This fan points out something Kevin Costner himself has said; that there’s a level of appreciation for this family who can say and do whatever they want.

Others think she’s not getting a redemption arc because she doesn’t need one.

Some fans love Beth and think she’s fantastic while still understanding that her choices aren’t going to fly for someone who isn’t the character of a major television series.

If you ask us, that’s where the adoration for her character comes into play. We know she’s vicious, ferocious, and conniving, but she’s more things too — they’re just usually hidden under the surface.

Beth is pained and growing; she’s been through more than most could ever dream of, and she’s finding a way to push forward. She has moments of softness and vulnerability, but they’re often overshadowed by the big moments of anger and sometimes fear. She reserves a lot of her hidden gentleness for Rip and her father, sometimes even Kayce, but she’s not playing that hand right now.

Could the opinions of fans be changed if she did? Only time will tell, but the thing about Beth is that she’s only going to do what she wants.

Yellowstone rewind: season 2, episode 7

It’s “Resurrection Day” in Yellowstone, and the title of this one couldn’t have been more fitting. The Beck brothers are the most pressing enemy of the Duttons at the moment, and they’re getting tired of waiting for the cards to fall. 

Beth and Jamie have a conversation in this episode that almost makes you think she’s going to give him some sisterly advice, but it’s not a few moments later that she’s telling him the world would be better off without him. Their bond has experienced irreparable damage, and we’re not sure what the new episodes will bring, but things between them will never be the same. 

There’s a lot going on in this episode, and we have to give you a warning: there’s a painful scene where Beth gets attacked, which is multifaceted. If you’re a victim of violence or sexual assault, you might have avoided this episode, and you’ll likely want to stop reading here. 

With the Beck brothers fed up with John not taking them “seriously,” Beth is first on their hit list, and she’s attacked within inches of her life. The men who have been sent to beat her lifeless also threaten to assault her sexually, and while it doesn’t get there (thank you, Rip Wheeler), it’s still brutal to watch. 

If you remember, a few episodes ago, Beth told Rip to save the words “I love you,” for a moment when they’d protect her. As she’s screaming once he comes to her rescue, he cradles her face and tells her those exact words; they came at just the right time — they’re there to save her. 

Once Rip has killed her attackers, Kayce strings their bodies up for the Beck brothers to find so that they’ll know the Dutton family isn’t playing. 

There’s a silver lining to the episode where Tate Dutton gets his first horse and spends some quality time with John, but after the scene with Beth being hurt, there’s not much that even a sweet grandfather/grandson moment can do to help. 

If you’re continuing your Yellowstone rewatch, you might also want to watch the next episode tonight. There are some brighter moments to be found there and some vengeance. 

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