Lucasfilm 50th anniversary Christmas Card features new ‘Star Wars’ characters

The Lucasfilm Christmas card is a long-running tradition. Six months after A New Hope hit cinemas in 1977, Lucasfilm sent a Christmas card to the company’s friends and corporate partners. Since then, this has become a yearly tradition, with each year’s card featuring exclusive holiday-themed art based on Lucasfilm’s most popular characters and franchises. 

The 2021 card is no exception, as it features a stunning piece of art created by Amy Beth Christenson. It shows several iconic characters playing around in the snow, building a Lucasfilm logo out of ice. There is also a large 50 in the snow, marking that 2021 is Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary. However, many eagle-eyed fans have noticed that this card looks towards the future as it features several characters from anticipated future projects.

A mix of characters is on the card, including Din Djarin and Grogu from the smash-hit series The Mandalorian, which should be getting a third season next year. 

Boba Fett is present, along with Fennec Shand. Both of whom will be appearing in the highly-anticipated Book of Boba Fett. This series is launching on Disney Plus on December 29th. Fennec’s actress, Ming-Na Wen, took to Twitter to explain how excited she was to appear on the card. Saying that “To be part of this is shaking me to the core!”

And this isn’t the only Star Wars representation on the card. A high-ground-less Obi-Wan Kenobi is working on the ice sculpture, which is fitting as the solo Obi-Wan Kenobi series will hit screens in 2022. He is near a meditating Ahsoka Tano, who is also getting a solo series at some point in the future. Omega from the Bad Batch series is also present, honoring Bad Batch season 1’s positive reception and its upcoming second season. Cassian Andor, another character getting a solo show in 2022, is also present, helping to shove one of the letters into place. 

In the sky are two X-Wing fighters, which could be in reference to the recently delayed Rogue Squadron movie, or they could link to one of the other upcoming Star Wars projects. Finally, front and center is a Loth-Cat, a cute critter frequently seen in Star Wars Rebels. Howeverthese creatures have often popped up in other Star Wars media. Alas, the one on the card may not be long for this world as notoriously-hungry Grogu is chasing it.

But Star Wars isn’t the only franchise represented in the artwork, as the card also features the legendary Indiana Jones. His inclusion on the card could be referencing the upcoming 5th Indiana Jones movie scheduled for release in 2023. 

Also seen is Willow Ufgood, from the upcoming Willow series. This series will be a sequel to the cult-classic film of the same name from 1988. According to reports, this series will follow a princess attempting to rescue her twin brother with the aid of several fantasy companions. 

The 2021 Lucasfilm Christmas card marks a massive milestone in the company’s history. However, it also shows that the company isn’t resting on its laurels. It seems Lucasfilm plans to make the next 50 years as exciting and creative as the first 50.