Marc Guggenheim Reveals Intriguing Black Canary Concept Art For Arrow Season 5

Arrow 12

Season four of Arrow upset a lot of fans when the decision was made to kill off Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary, and while the actress made a brief return as her Earth-2 doppelganger in The Flash, it appears as if her tenure as a Star City vigilante is officially over. After all, her death was pretty definitive, and several people involved with the series have ruled out a resurrection.

However, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has now taken to social media to reveal a new piece of concept art for season five which seemingly reveals a memorial which will be created to honour the Black Canary’s memory following her death.


Will it be erected in the city or in the Arrow Cave? That remains to be seen, but with Team Arrow disbanding in the finale, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Oliver Queen is looking for a way to honour happier days. He’ll also be the mayor when we see him next, so chances are that he could pull some strings and unveil this somewhere in Star City.

Either way, season five of Arrow will have its work cut out for it when it returns to The CW later this year. A couple of disappointing villains, unbearable flashbacks and some odd creative decisions have soured many fans on the series, and whether or not this Black Canary monument will be enough to satisfy some of them remains to be seen.