Marvel fans cancel Steve Rogers for how he treated Sharon Carter

Captain America, Sharon Carter
Image: Marvel Studios

Captain America embodies all the American ideals: freedom, freedom, freedom, and throwing a big ol’ boomerang shield. But one thing fans are calling him out for his how he treated one of the important women in his life during Captain America: Civil War.

In order to get Bucky to Siberia to wrap up the loose ends of Civil War, Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson need to get their very high-tech and expensive gear back from Interpol. Of course, the only way they can have this happen is by getting Sharon Carter rescue them, costing her a job.

To thank her, Cap seems to do very little other than sharing a kiss with her, before seemingly never seeing her again, even after the Blip. Is this really an honorable moment?

There’s probably a godo explanation for why it seems like Sharon’s sacrifice was utterly ignored, and fans have offered up two. Either they forgot the character existed, or actress Emily VanCamp just wasn’t available to film as much as she did. Regardless, definitely something amiss.

Others think her being ghosted by Rogers will result in some sort of follow-up in Captain America: New World Order as Sam Wilson continues to cement himself into the role held by his former friend. Plus some added speculation she’s with Doom or a Skrull.

Rogers did go AWOL as a result of Civil War, but was able to keep up to date with fellow convicts Wanda Maximoff and Vision as seen in Avengers: Infinity War.

Ultimately though, this isn’t that big of a deal. Considering how often characters have shown up and disappeared, then shown up again in the MCU it might just be how the world works. The bigger question is if Steve Rogers is still alive after aging in Endgame.

Captain America: Civil War is available to stream on Disney Plus.