Marvel’s May Solicitations Reveal The Return Of Wolverine

Wolverine x-Men

Wolverine fury

The X-Men‘s “ResurrXion” looks set to take a literal direction, with the Marvel’s May 2017 solicitations revealing the resurrection of none other than Wolverine.

Here’s the cover of X-Men: Blue #4:

X-Men Blue 4 full

As if that wasn’t enough, the official solicit is a simple one:




Wolverine was killed off back in 2014 in the Death of Wolverine miniseries, and the years since have seen massive changes to the X-Men‘s status quo. Wolverine is returning to a world that already has two others like him; X-23, for example, has taken on the mantle of the All-New Wolverine, while Marvel brought Old Man Logan into mainstream continuity in the aftermath of “Secret Wars.”

This is clearly a perfect time to resurrect Wolverine, who’s been sorely missed by X-Men fans. The character is about to get a sizeable publicity boost thanks to Logan, and Marvel clearly hopes to cash in on that a little. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of Inhumans vs. X-Men, both groups are being launched into a new era known as “ResurrXion,” which is intended to be a positive and upbeat one, with Marvel really trying to encourage fans to get enthusiastic about the X-Men again; Wolverine’s literal resurrection is clearly part of that.

Of course, the solicit doesn’t give us a sense of how exactly the mutant will be brought back from the dead; back in 2014, Marvel put in some serious effort to make the death convincing. They stripped Wolverine of his healing factor and then literally bathed him in liquid adamantium. He got in one last kill before the adamantium hardened around him, and he was basically left as an unbreakable statue. Whatever the method, though, it’s pretty clear “ResurrXion” will literally breathe new life into Wolverine.

X-Men: Blue #4 will release in May 2017, with Cullen Bunn and Jorge Molina resurrecting the iconic hero.