McDonald’s might resurrect a retro Halloween prize so iconic, others pail in comparison

McDonalds spooky happy meals
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Grab your spookiest throwback costume, your glitter hairspray and your Walkman, because we’re going to McDonald’s this fall for a treat we’ve been waiting a lifetime for. 

Rumor has it that Mcdonald’s is bringing back an iconic Halloween staple that has us dreaming of begging our parents for a happy meal after school in October and crossing our fingers for the “toy” we all wanted — but it wasn’t a toy at all. No, it was a magical, spooky, Halloween bucket! Move over, light up Sketchers, you were the coolest kid on the block if you had one of these, and we’re ready to have that feeling of power once again. 

Markie_Devo first shared a post on Instagram with the note that insiders had shared information about the pails to their account and the HalloweenLoversClub. Without confirmation or an official release date, fans began to rejoice in the idea that these insiders could be sparking lost Halloween joy within all of us.

Just days later, an updated photo was shared, apparently showing the updated 2022 versions of the bucket, and we’re totally not adding a countdown on our phones to the very minute until they release or anything. Nope, not us! There’s also a release date alongside the new image: October 18.

There’s a green, orange, and white bucket option, and of course, the bucket will take the place of the toy (obviously, that’s all we’re after anyway). The white bucket is a friendly ghost, the green is a feisty witch, and the orange is a ghastly jack-o-lantern! The ghosts of Halloween past have officially answered our prayers.

There’s no official word from Mcdonald’s yet, as far as a social media announcement, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled. Happy spooky season, and here’s to the Halloween pail of our dreams.