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MCU veterans try to decide the MVP of epic ‘Avengers: Endgame’ battle

Who really won the Battle of Earth?

With all the characters that Avengers: Endgame fielded in that last battle, it’s almost a miracle that many of the prominent superheroes got their moment in the spotlight, whether it was going up against the Mad Titan himself or just ever so slightly turning the tide of the battle and buying enough time so the rest of the team could take the Infinity Gauntlet back.

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No one would argue that the so-called Battle of Earth was a team effort, but if we’re splitting hairs, I guess it’d be fair to say that some heroes definitely got more licks in. MCU fans have been debating the same thing, though it seems that the opinions can vary based on a set of diverse parameters.

The picks include Captain America, Stephen Strange, Wanda Maximoff, and Captain Marvel. Steve gave Thanos a run for his money when he summoned Mjolnir, while Stephen Strange basically saved the battlefield from flooding. As for the Scarlet Witch, well, she was the only one of the ensemble to actually take on the Mad Titan alone and almost defeat him, and no one would’ve gotten out of that mess alive were it not for Carol Danvers’ timely arrival to destroy Sanctuary II. She also stopped Thanos from snapping his fingers for a second time, which bumps her merits up substantially.

A lot of fans ultimately think Steve showed the most badassery for resisting Thanos with Mjolnir.

Then again, let’s not forget that Wanda in her prime could probably solo the entire army and then mop the battlefield with Thanos’ corpse.

Captain America and Wanda, we get, but why is Doctor Strange there?

In fairness to the runner-up Sorcerer Supreme, he did bring the reinforcements in.

Ultimately, though, it’s a wonder why nobody’s even mentioning the hero of the hour, Tony Stark, who made the ultimate sacrifice and fixed the Thanos dilemma in a single stroke — or more specifically — a single snap.

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