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‘Ms. Marvel’ and Bon Jovi form a mutual appreciation society

"Your mother loves Bon Jovi"

Ms. Marvel
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It’s the convergence that Ms. Marvel fans have been waiting for. No, not the upcoming team-up with Captain Marvel in next year’s The Marvels. We’re talking about the alliance of two Jersey icons, Kamala Khan and John Francis Bongiovi Jr. The two camps have made it Twitter official — Bon Jovi loves Ms. Marvel.

Fans of the show know that Kamala’s mother Muneeba Khan stans the frontman and namesake of New Jersey’s favorite hard rock outfit, Bon Jovi. Now it seems the rocker himself is aware of it after he posted a clip of Muneeba affirming her fandom in front of her kids. Muneeba even shows that she’s an OG fan in the clip by referring to Bon Jove by his early nickname, “Captain Kidd”).

Ms. Marvel’s love of the “Prince of New Jersey” runs deep — he gets mentioned fairly often both as a fave of Muneeba and also her husband Yusuf. And now that the man himself has acknowledged the love, Ms. Marvel co-creator Sana Amanat is thrilled. Amanat quote-tweeted the rocker’s post with a gushing caption that read, “Okay. Now we’ve arrived. The @msmarvel fam loves you @jonbonjovi!”

Both Bon Jovi and series star Iman Vellani will no doubt be busy between now and the premiere of The Marvels in July of next year, but maybe the two Jersey stars can get together for a collab (or at least a cameo appearance) for Ms. Marvel season two if it gets greenlighted? Although we’re not completely sure Muneeba will be able to handle it if she finds herself face to face with Captain Kidd.

Ms. Marvel Season One is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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