‘Ms. Marvel’ director can’t wait to share South Asian culture with MCU fans

Ms. Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

Disney Plus’ latest addition to their roster of MCU series, Ms. Marvel, will be the fans’ first look at many things: the MCU’s first Pakistani superhero, the first practicing Muslim superhero, and of course, Kamala Khan herself. But director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is hoping it will be an introduction to the character’s vibrant South Asian culture as well.

For Obaid-Chinoy, the story of Kamala goes way beyond just introducing another star into the MCU firmament. The director believes the series is a vehicle for letting people know that “the South Asian culture is pretty freakin’ cool. Our food, our music, the parents’ relationship with the kids.” according to today’s Ms. Marvel global press conference, attended by WGTC.

If the trailers are any indication, the story will hew closely to the comic books’ source material, meaning that viewers will see plenty of culture clash between the New Jersey-raised Khan and her more traditional family of Pakistani immigrants. But Obaid-Chinoy is hoping the clash will strike a familiar chord in anyone who’s ever had to argue with their parents about going to a party. “I wanted to make it cool so that anybody watching it would be like, ‘That was my argument with my mom when I wanted to go out!’ And she’s like,’ There are going to be boys there! Stay home.’” she explained.

As for the fact that Kamala will become a literal superhero in the series, Obaid-Chinoy says she thinks that will be just as relatable as her culture is.

“The superhero part was just that I always believe that everyone has a superhero in them. They just have to activate it. Telling this story is going to change so much for so many people. Because I have two young girls, and I know that when they see Kamala Khan, they too will know that they can also be a superhero.”

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Ms. Marvel premieres on Disney plus this week, June 8.