Netflix subscribers are ready for the return of ‘Ozark’

After months of anticipation, eagle-eyed Netflix subscribers are ready for the remaining string of episodes for the fourth and final season of Ozark. Back in February, Netflix announced that the final seven episodes of the crime-fueled drama series would be released today, April 29 — and fans are seated and geared up to see how events unfold for Marty, Ruth, and the rest of the chaotic clan that fans have become enamored with over the years.

The popular drama series is centered around Marty and Wendy Byrde, who partake in a money-laundering scheme for a powerful drug cartel in the Ozark Mountains. The show is full of unbelievable scenarios, and over on Twitter, users are eager to see what’s next for the show’s complicated characters and the unpredictable journey that the Byrde Family are on.

One devoted user expressed an interest in hearing Ruth Langmore — one of the show’s most popular characters — drop more profanities as she did in this memorable scene.

Another passionate user encouraged Ozark lovers to “feast” tomorrow and attached the official poster for the show’s final episodes.

Other users are describing the general anxiety and anxious sensation when it comes to the ending of the Netflix series.

The first half of the season ended on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, and the wheels appear to keep turning as the ending nears for all characters involved — but whether they will receive a happy ending or not is an entirely different story.

Ozark Season 4 Part 2 is currently streaming now on Netflix.