Watch: New exclusive interview clip shows Ryan Reynolds gushing over Blake Lively

Actor Ryan Reynolds has turned his charm into a career which has taken him to the heights of entertainment, and has now used it to hype wife Blake Lively while speaking to David Letterman.

Ahead of the next season of his My Next Guest Needs No Introduction … talk show, debuting on Netflix on May 20, the streamer dropped a clip of Reynolds’ turn on the show. While speaking to Letterman at his home, Reynolds speaks of how his wife shows him how to make food and, were it not for her, things would not be close to being where they are class-wise in his domestic life.

He confessed, “Blake runs the show. I would kind of really phone things in if it wasn’t for her.”

The new season will also include an interview with Will Smith — though if you’re curious to get his thoughts on the now-infamous on-stage incident with Chris Rock, you’ll be left disappointed, as all of the interviews in season 4 were conducted in March, before the Oscars took place.

Which, come to think of it, means that their recent Met Gala appearance, in which people oohed and aahed over Lively’s magically-lengthening dress, will not also be a topic of conversation.

The rest of season 4 of the Letterman project will include interviews with some other industry names of note, including Billie Eilish, Cardi B, Kevin Durant and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. As Tudum notes, “All of Letterman’s guests welcome him to their homes with open arms, and Season 4 finds the late-night legend doing a little surf casting, making homemade pizzas and visiting Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidential library. The in-depth conversations find Letterman full of humor and curiosity as he quizzes guests about their lives, talents and creative processes.”