Norman Reedus says ‘fingers crossed’ to being cast as the MCU’s Ghost Rider

Norman Reedus gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Credit: AMC

The MCU is currently cranking up its supernatural side. Next month will see Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight debut on Disney Plus, with the post-credits scene in last year’s Eternals teasing the long-awaited arrival of Mahershala Ali’s Blade. Both of these characters have comic-book links with Ghost Rider, and fans are campaigning for the character to appear in the MCU.

Even better, fans have an amazing bit of casting for Johnny Blaze: The Walking Dead and Death Stranding‘s gravel-mouthed icon Norman Reedus. He’s been vocal about wanting to take on the role, though is tight-lipped on whether this has been discussed officially.

Now, in an interview with to promote the new series of Ride with Norman Reedus, he said he’s still hopeful:

“Fingers crossed. I don’t know. There’s been a lot of talk over the last couple years. I do not have an answer for you.”

It’s worth noting that the MCU technically already has a Ghost Rider: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Gabriel Luna. However, that show is being slowly made non-canon, and it’s unlikely that any future MCU projects will reference its events or characters.

If Norman Reedus did take up the chains, he’d be an awesome addition to the MCU. Fans of The Walking Dead will know how scarily intense and focused he can be, making him a perfect fit as the avatar of hellfire-powered vengeance. Plus, the guy definitely knows his way around a motorcycle.

So c’mon, Kevin Feige. Listen to the fans, and let’s get Reedus scorching a trail of flaming justice through the MCU.