One of the most violent horror movies of the year continues to terrorize the box office

Terrifier 2 causes vomits and fainting
Image: Dark Age Cinema

Slasher films are nothing if not relentless, but if box office performance is any measure, indie horror gorefest Terrifier 2 may have proved it’s as formidable as Jason, Michael, Freddie, and Leatherface. The “little murder clown that could” has racked up yet another $1 million plus weekend at the box office, earning it a slashtacular $10 million in revenue so far.

The gory sequel’s success is made all the more impressive by the fact that the film is now available to stream via producer Bloody Disgusting’s own SCREAMBOX streaming platform. This weekend Terrifier 2 took in $1.22M in 1,245 locations for a grand total of $9.8M domestically. And the film is already surpassed the $10 million mark internationally. And all this from an uncut ultra-gory slasher sequel with a practically non-existent by Hollywood terms budget of $250K.

With that kind of gross (and we absolutely mean gross), horror fans can almost certainly count on future tales featuring Art the Clown, the franchise’s killer clown antagonist, and Art himself may find him following in the bloody footprints of Horror icons the likes of Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees, Halloween‘s Michael Meyers, and A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger. Bloody Disgusting has even cheekily submitted the film for Oscar consideration and while that may not materialize in any reasonable reality, the film has earned praise from the current lord of horror directors, Mike Flanagan. Even the Old Master himself, Steven King, was impressed by how much the movie grossed him out.

While Terrifier 2‘s streak is sure to evaporate in the wake of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever this weekend, it’s pretty safe to say that any fans who stomached their way through the sequel can look forward to any number of future Halloweens and spooky seasons spent with whatever Art get up to in the years to come. Like his predecessors, he doesn’t seem to be stoppable.