“The Osborn Identity” Begins With Amazing Spider-Man #25

Speaking from personal experience, I will say that whenever an oversized anniversary issue hits stands that collectors will ready their wallets, regardless of whether they’ve been actively following the series in question. So, when Amazing Spider-Man #25 ships next month, expect it to fly off shelves even though it will likely be sold at a higher price when you factor in the knowledge that it will be 96 pages strong.

When it comes to content, readers can look forward to a 40-page main story in the form of the cleverly titled “The Osborn Identity.” As you can no doubt surmise, stalwart writer Dan Slott will reunite Peter Parker with his longtime nemesis Norman Osborn as a new storyline kicks off. Furthermore, fan favorite artist Stuart Immonen has been confirmed to join the party as well.

As for the other 56 pages, this synopsis clues us in to what we can expect:

But that’s just the beginning! After a 40-page main story, fans will be treated to a cavalcade of can’t-miss creators! Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli bring you a top secret story that will have fans everywhere talking! Hannah Blumenreich makes hers Marvel with her Spider-Debut! Cale Atkinson brings you another installment of the A-May-Zing Spider Aunt! The villainous Clash returns courtesy of Christos Gage and Todd Nauck! Jacob Chabot and Ray Anthony Height bring you an all-new Marvel Tsum Tsum tale. And finally, James Asmus and Tana Ford take the webslinging wonder back to Shanghai for a sneak peek at some cutting edge Spider-Tech!

Amazing Spider-Man #25 is scheduled to arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, March 15. In the meantime, be sure to peruse the gallery at the top to check out an onslaught of variant covers and some beautiful, vibrant unlettered interiors.