Ryan Reynolds Shares Photo Of Unused Deadpool 2 Suit

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, covering his masked mouth in a shocked expression
Image via 20th Century Fox

Deadpool is practically indestructible, bristling with weapons and able to bust right through the fourth wall, but it seems he’s met his match with Mickey Mouse. We’re now two years on from Deadpool 2 and, after the Disney/Fox merger, there’s still no firm news on what’s going on with Deadpool 3However, Ryan Reynolds is eager to keep fan interest in the character warm and has been posting a lot of cool behind-the-scenes goodies from the two movies on Instagram.

One of the most interesting of these is an unused suit for Deadpool, which you can see below. I’ve got to be honest, though, if I hadn’t been told otherwise, I would have no idea that this was any different from the regular suit.

Reynolds went to explain that:

“This was almost the suit we went with for DP2. It had additional paneling on the arms, back and legs. But I got cold feet and went back to the original.”

So, wherefore art thou, Deadpool 3? Well, Disney insists that the project is going to happen and former Disney CEO Bob Iger adding the character to his Twitter banner two months ago seemed to be a good indication that they’re not forgetting about him. But we don’t yet know how exactly they plan to bring the antihero into the MCU.

One thing there appears to be consensus on though is that Deadpool should remain R-rated, which may mean the movies will continue to be released under a Fox banner rather than a Disney one. But whatever happens, the film is still in the script stage at the moment, which may mean Deadpool 3 will land sometime in the mid-2020s. If we have that long a wait ahead of us, let’s just hope those rumors of cameos in other superhero pics come true.