Skrillex And Marshmello Tease Collaboration… Again

marshmello-and-skrillex (1)

I get the rationale behind building anticipation for a release over a long period of time, but past a certain point it does more harm than good. Skrillex and Marshmello announced their collaboration all the way back in October and shared snippets this February, and finally, after the better part of the festival season has passed, its arrival appears imminent.

While Marshmello’s typical social media antics fall somewhere between arguing with deadmau5 and pretending to reveal his (their?) identity, he took a break from his usual programming to fire off the following tweet:


Still no title or release date? Cool. Here’s to hoping Skrillex did most of the work on the song, because Marshmello’s own productions mainly resonate with an audience that’s too young to know anything about music.

Skrillex might not join Marshmello onstage at any point in the near future to debut the collaboration since the two of them don’t share any upcoming dates, but one or the other will surely debut the track live sometime in the near future. Then again, maybe the actual release is still six more months down the road – at this point, it’s anybody’s guess.