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Stephen King calls on the Piano Man to express his thoughts on Twitter’s ‘X’ rebrand

Turns out the King of horror loves a bit of Billy Joel.

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Everybody’s talking about the “X” rebrand but it’s still Twitter to millions of users, including Stephen King.

This may not have been the event to start the fire but Elon Musk is definitely adding fuel to the flames with this rebrand. It’s a mystery as to how his mind works, but it’s difficult to see just how this will benefit the social platform in any way shape or form. As many have pointed out, the site is practically unsearchable.

It all just feels like another one of his half baked, nonsensical schemes to “fix” the site. But Musk’s mind is made up and so it goes; we’ll just have to make peace with this terrible decision. Although many have clearly had enough and vowed that this is the time they’ll actually leave the site for real, in other words they’re movin’ out.

Of course we had to know what Stephen King had to say regarding the whole rebrand and he did not disappoint as the horror author invoked the legendary singer Billy Joel whilst criticizing the unnecessary rebrand.

“It will always be rock and roll to Billy Joel, and it will always be Twitter to me.”

You may be right Mr. King, to many ‘X’ will always be Twitter. Also, two references to Billy Joel songs in one short tweet, The Boogeyman author must be a superfan. In all honesty I can’t blame him; who doesn’t love a bit of Billy Joel.

King’s words echo the sentiment of many of the site’s users right now. After all, it’s been known as Twitter for the longest time. This rebrand makes no sense, my life will be changed forever by this awful decision and many who replied to the author’s tweet agreed.

“Yeah. You were right the whole time:  EM is heavy-handed and greedy. Not to mention untruthful:  remember that poll?  Then he hired a symbolic ceo?”

For some, it’s marked the tipping point to send them to Musk’s competitor, Threads.

Please go to threads.

Regardless of what King refers to it as, the change has already occurred whether you like it or not. Oh Twitter, why do you have to change? We like you just the way you are.

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