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This new Doctor Strange collectible should come with spoiler alerts

Collectors should keep an eye out for spoilers.

Doctor Strange

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Sometimes the toy aisle of your local superstore can be a minefield of spoilers for whatever superhero or sci-fi epic is currently slated for release. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is no exception and the latest collectible figure from Hong Kong production house Hot Toys is a dead giveaway for one of the film’s plot points.

Warning: Spoilers follow below

Hot Toys is known for its ultra-realistic figures and their new 1/6 scale collectible figure of the MCU’s Master of the Mystic Arts is no exception. The sculpting is so painstakingly detailed owners may get the feeling that a very small but very real Benedict Cumberbatch has actually taken up residence with them.

As per standard for Hot Toys figures, the collectible comes with several different accessories to allow collectors to pose it in a variety of ways to recreate scenes from the movie, including different molds of Strange’s hands and head. However, the head may be a bit too revelatory if you haven’t seen the movie yet — in fact in pretty much blows the final (not-post credit) scene.

Initial promo materials featuring the figure have one of the heads “blurred” out, but the alternate head mold does include the third eye that Strange gains, rather painfully, in the film’s ultimate scene. The eye is first seen on one of Strange’s multiversal variants who delved too deep into The Darkhold and gained the extra eyeball and a fair amount of evil as well. Forced to use The Darkhold to save America Chavez, Strange picks up a new forehead eyeball of his very own.

So if you have seen the movie — or if you just don’t care about spoilers and read this anyway — make sure to give your collector friends a proper heads up to head to the theater before they start shopping. And tell them to start saving up too. Hot Toys exclusive figures come with a hefty asking price of several hundred dollars each.

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