Tumblr thoroughly trashed for trying to pay artist with ‘exposure’

Tumblr put on blast for asking artist for freebie
Credit: Tumblr / @LibbyFrame

Any artist worth their salt has likely been asked for a freebie by family and friends, and occasionally, if those mooches get lucky and you like them enough, you’ll oblige them – despite the cut into your livelihood.

What artists would likely expect a fair bit less, is for a fairly well-known social media site to ask for a free ride. This is exactly what has happened to Twitter user @LibbyFrame, who was allegedly contacted by the blogging site Tumblr to come up with a custom design for some merch.

The service came back with a stock-standard diplomatic response about there not being a budget allocated for the project, which is quite frankly laughable. But they can offer her a spot in Tumblr’s Radar!! Responses to Libby’s tweet are absolutely annihilating Tumblr’s attempt at having an artist work for ‘exposure’:

While this should be taken with a grain of salt considering the screenshots of the email chain shared don’t show any sort of official affiliation with Tumblr as a company, it’s a common enough plight for the up-and-coming artist to be entirely plausible. Being paid in ‘exposure’ is something creatives are faced with on a daily basis, and unfortunately more often than not, they have no choice but to grasp these opportunities with big brands to pad out their portfolio.

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