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Viral Star Wars Celebration clip reveals where Mandalorians come from

It was the year of the Mandalorians, evidently.

The Mandalorian
Image via Disney Plus

With a setting as vast as a galaxy far, far away, it can certainly be a challenge to pinpoint the exact origins of every single entity throughout the Star Wars mythos. But, thanks to some perfectly-timed camera work and the internet’s penchant for virality, we’ve finally nailed down the answer to where Mandalorians come from; an upper floor in the Anaheim Convention Center.

The clip, taken at the aforementioned location during the 2022 Star Wars Celebration, depicts a comically large lineup of cosplayers descending an escalator, almost every single one donned in Mandalorian armor. The video above captured about two and a half minutes’ worth of spawning Mandalorians, but it seemed like many more were still due to step off, no doubt answering a call of duty most commendable.

Viewers seemed to save a particular chuckle for the 18-second mark when the otherwise unbroken Mandalorian chain was disrupted by a convention-goer that lacked armor.

Reddit would go on to eventually label the outsider as “Gary.”

Others opted to look past the hilarity of the whole situation by applauding the diversity of different armors that came off the escalator, noting how the aesthetic flexibility of Mandalorian armor is even canon to the universe.

But, of course, it all led back to Gary.

It was the year of the Mandalorians, evidently, and it all led up to the discovery of their nest.

Star Wars Celebration 2022 just ended yesterday, and next year’s convention is scheduled to take place from April 7-10, 2023 in London, England.

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