Watch: Free! The Final Stroke Gets A Breathtaking Full Trailer


After a series of gorgeous teasers, the first part of Free! The Final Stroke has its own full trailer.

Releasing in Japan on Sept. 22, 2021 and April 22, 2022, the final installment of Kyoto Animation and Animation Do’s beloved sports anime will arrive in two parts. The films are directed by Animation Do veteran Eisaku Kawanami, who has served as director on several installments to the franchise, including recap films and episodes.

Catch the trailer above. An unofficial subbed English translation by YouTuber aitaikimochi is also provided below.

The Final Stroke

Picking up directly after Free’s third season, part one of The Final Stroke revolves around championships in Sydney. The trailer re-establishes Haru and Rin’s motivations and struggles—Haru swimming in his own style, Rin swimming in the legacy of his father—that will come against the unstoppable force of Swedish champion Alberto Volandel.

Theme music by OLDCODEX is featured in the trailer. Tatsuhisa Suzuki, the voice actor of Makoto, is the band’s vocalist. The group previously performed the opening music for the show’s third season.

While we can safely expect an English dub of the films, no plans for a North American release have been announced yet.