Watch: Marvel reveals how complicated it was to shoot ‘Moon Knight’

It’s been nearly three weeks since the Disney Plus Marvel series Moon Knight concluded its story for season 1. And while Disney is figuring out what fans want for season 2Marvel Studios revealed behind-the-scenes footage on how they were able to make Oscar Isaac play both Marc Spector and Steven Grant.

Marvel Entertainment uploaded a video to its YouTube channel talking about the processes the team went through when shooting the show. Moon Knight‘s visual effects supervisor Sean Faden said that the two characters we always meant to interact through either voices in their head or mirrors and that multiple filming techniques were used to make it happen.

“It was complicated in that Oscar had to be able to react to his dialogue which hadn’t been recorded yet. So he had an earpiece where he could hear his performance while he was doing his performance or he was sometimes acting against his brother Mikey and and then we would re-record his Marc performance or his Steven performance with a matching camera or with this techno dolly approach”

One of the scenes talked about in the video was the bathroom scene in episode one where Marc and Steven got to connect for the first time. According to Faden, that scene was the ‘most complicated’ to shoot and they had to do a test shot before the actual shooting.

“Muhammad had very ambitious ideas about how he wanted to use the infinite mirrors and how he wanted to reveal the Marc character during these moments…

…You couldn’t do this on the fly. It had to be planned out.

Faden said that there was so much back and forth and support from all the cast and crew involved in order to make the bathroom scene happen and produce something they’re really proud of.

Moon Knight is a Disney Plus series about Marc Spencer, a man with a dissociative identity disorder. He was chosen by the Egyptian God Khonshu to be his Avatar. Throughout the show, he has to stop Arthur Harrow from releasing the God, Ammit. All six episodes are now available to stream on Disney Plus.

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