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What is TikTok’s viral So Nothing Bad Happened trend?

Are you sure nothing bad happened?

Screengrabs via @EllaMMarx, @Underrated.Sh4yy, and @KallMeKris on TikTok

TikTok‘s latest trend pokes fun at some creators’ loose lips and stubborn attitudes. The trend includes a viral sound in which one person is asking another a series of questions, starting with “So nothing bad happened?”

The second voice responds “no” to each of the questions as the asker spirals into the worst-case scenario — that is, until the last question, which the second voice meets with hesitation, indicating that maybe they weren’t telling the whole story.

The original sound is in regards to whether someone was following traffic laws and generally being a safe driver, but creative Tiktokers are using the format for all kinds of creative variations.

Creators are overlaying text on the screen to change the sounds to fit their specific scenario. One of the more popular formats includes the creator being asked whom they told a piece of gossip. They ask for several different people before landing on a particular best friend, parent, or sibling, which makes the responder hesitate.

Another comment outline for the trending audio has it so that the interrogator is asking the same question over and over until the person answering finally gives in.

In most of the trend-following TikToks, the question being asked repeatedly is something along the lines of “Are you mad?” or “Are you okay?” Many creators are poking fun at themselves for refusing to share the answers to such questions until they’re asked multiple times.

The trending audio already has over 50,000 uses, and videos like these have only been popping up for a couple of days. Aspiring creators should take the opportunity to hop on the trend that is giving some TikTokers over 10 million views as soon as possible.

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