Will HBO’s ‘The Vow’ get a season 3?

Image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

HBO’s The Vow took viewers into the dark inner sanctum of conman Keith Rainere and his “self-development” group turned sex cult, NXIVM. The group leaders, which even included a handful of celebrities, were accused of brainwashing and branding their members even extorting large sums of money. While many of the people responsible sit behind bars, there could be more to the story. While the show wrapped up season two in November 2022 with Rainere being convicted, many wonder if The Vow will be back for a season three. Here’s everything we know so far.

Although an odd figure to be sure, leader Rainere, who was sentenced to 120 years for charges ranging from sex trafficking to racketeering, wasn’t the only captivating character introduced in the docuseries. Viewers watched as several celebrities also had their day in court, such as Smallville actress Allison Mack who pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering and was sentenced to three years in prison, according to CNN, or Claire Bronfman, the Seagram’s gin heiress who invested thousands in the organization and wound up being sentenced to six years in prison.

Yet in this bizarre saga, the end never really seems like the end. Although season two ended with Rainere and most of his co-conspirators safely behind bars, it also revealed there were a few surviving members who surprisingly still support Rainere and his cause. The “NXIVM five” as they called themselves include one name you might be familiar with. Battlestar Galactica’s Nicki Clyne is one of the few remaining members and continues to maintain Rainere’s innocence.

The small group claims to be working on ways to free Rainere despite all the evidence against him; season two even revealed Clyne’s own attorney dropped her after one of her attempts to secure Rainere’s freedom. Sounds like the subject for season three to us! Clyne and a few other members’ fates still hang in the balance and unlike fellow former members, her ex-wife, Allison Mack included, Clyne is reportedly still very much involved in the group and appears under Rainere’s spell. So we think it’s safe to say, we all need to know what happens next.

While HBO has neither confirmed nor denied that a season three is in the works, the rumor bill is abuzz with whisperings of a November 2023 release date. We also tend to think with all this unresolved drama and intrigue, and a high Rotten Tomatoes rating, a season three announcement for The Vow is likely to be just around the corner.