Even wildlife departments are dunking on Ticketmaster for Swifties’ amusement

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Image via Peacock

Taylor Swift fans are in the fight of their lives as they try to buy presale tickets for her Eras Tour. The site Ticketmaster has been struggling with the sheer volume of people on the site requesting tickets, which are said to be in the millions, with many fans getting irate at the website. It’s gotten so bad that even wildlife conservationists are weighing in on the debacle and keeping Swifties amused in the process.

Taylor Swift has blown up everything with her latest album release, Midnights, which saw her break record after record, many of which were ones she herself set in the past. Now her upcoming tour is looking to not only break records but websites, as Ticketmaster is overwhelmed with fans wanting to buy her presale tickets. Many have found themselves in unmovable online queues or found their codes aren’t working or that the website keeps crashing, which must be frustrating when you know how many people want the limited amount of tickets.

The fury has grown so much that Ticketmaster is currently trending on Twitter, ahead of the fact that WW3 may have just started thanks to a Russian-made missile landing in Poland, killing two farmers. That is the true power of Taylor Swift, to be a higher priority on social media than an impending world war, it’s impressive.

With online queues that place you 2000th in line, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation suggested on Twitter that fans should make use of the nice weather and go out for a hike while they wait. This would have the added benefit of clearing the queue and allowing the Swifties in the Department to swoop in and grab their desired tickets.

Many retorted that the weather is not that nice outside, with the Oklahoma Department responding that a “cute hat” would fix the solution and that they would magnanimously hold their place in the queue.

But looking at this Twitter user’s weather report, a cute hat and boots may not cut it.

Some are simply not going to fall for that that; Taylor Swift tickets are just too important.

Whereas others think a bit of fresh air would probably do fans some good after staring in rage at their screens for so long.

Other national wildlife conservation departments also got involved.

With Swift not coming to Oklahoma on her tour, the Oklahoma Department is hoping they can crash with their “bestie” and Colorado is more than happy to oblige.

As it currently stands people are still waiting for their tickets, so maybe having taken a hike at this time wouldn’t have been the worst thing, but why take the risk?