Fans are coming around to ‘Age of Ultron’, but not this particular scene

Avengers Age of Ultron

Of all the Avengers films, Age of Ultron is probably at the bottom of many MCU fan lists. Though there has been some turnaround over the last few years, with more favorable opinions emerging after a second or third viewing, one scene in particular is unlikely to win fans anytime soon.

Though humor is subjective, many find the scene completely unnecessary and the joke childish. At this point, Ultron has invaded the Avengers Tower in the middle of a party creating chaos with his robots. The well-trained Natasha Romanoff immediately takes cover with a clumsy Bruce Banner attempting to do the same. Natasha grabs him and pulls him over the bar only to have him land face first in her chest.

This kind of joke is a well-used cliche more commonly found in Japanese anime, the boy “accidentally” falls into a girl’s bountiful chest much to her horror, with blushing, stammering, and nose bleeding ensuing. Many accuse director Joss Whedon of forcing this shot in when it really did nothing for the characters or the story. Though at this point viewers had been made aware of Natasha and Bruce’s budding romantic relationship, the bit feels forced.

Joss Whedon has lost favor over the years thanks to his role in directing DC’s Justice League, which was panned by critics and audience members alike, as well as his unsavory attitude on set, especially towards the female cast and crew. This has caused many to look back over his work and see that there has been some recycling of this type of “joke” with the same thing happening in Justice League when The Flash fell onto Wonder Woman, a scene that Gal Gadot apparently refused to film.

Fans on Reddit discussed the scene with many calling it out as creepy whilst others felt that seen as the characters were romantically linked, it did serve the story to an extent.

One user called out the director for watching way too much cringy anime.

Many have now come to the understanding that Whedon has been pulling this stunt for a long time.

Some people felt that based on the characters relationship with one another, it wasn’t as bad as people are making it out, comparing it instead to the totally random and 100% unnecessary use of the same gag in Justice League.

Recycling the same joke got fans madder.

This user points out that the scene was so humiliating that the actress refused.

Some did find the scene funny, but less to do with the face planting into a chest and more to do with Natasha warning Banner to not turn green.

Besides this one moment though, many fans agreed that the rest of the scene was excellent.

Scenes like this, plus his behavior, have landed Whedon in a whole lot of hot water, and the director now struggles to find work though he is attempting to change that.