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Sensible Disney adults roll their eyes after drunk and disorderly woman’s ejection from EPCOT goes viral

She gives all Disney adults a bad name.

Drunken woman at EPCOT

The topic of Disney adults has become divisive in recent years, as the evidence stacks up that full-grown Disney lovers are often a uniquely difficult group.

Countless viral stories recount incidents in which Disney adults make public scenes due to a variety of perceived faults or issues, and many denizens of the web have written the entire group off as problematic, entitled, and unpleasant. This is of course not true for every Disney lover who’s surpassed legal voting age, but recent years have seen many people label them, as a whole, as one of the most hated groups on the internet.

A recent video showcases exactly why, after a thoroughly inebriated woman was ejected from EPCOT, a theme park at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. A video from a passerby provides an unfortunate example of everything wrong with Disney adults, as the seemingly stumbling-drunk woman screams at security and insists that she’s “done nothing wrong.”

The woman who initially posted the video, TikTok user Adriana Perez, noted that there were “so many parts” to the woman’s tirade, but she was forced to stop recording on multiple occasions due to security. Despite this, even one video makes it clear that the inebriated woman is clearly in the wrong, as her antics wring tears from several of the young passersby.

The woman’s behavior only escalates as the videos wear on, shifting from angry drunken mumbling to full-blown bellows, proclaiming that security “can’t do this” to her and physically struggling against park staff. By the time she is finally escorted to the park gates, the woman has attracted widespread attention from guests, thanks in large part to her sheer volume as she yells at security, staff, and really anyone who will listen.


This lady had all these cops plus more waiting outside the park 👀 I’m still trying to figure out why it escalated to this?! Anyone who was there and knows, please elaborate. I’m genuinely curious. #fypシ #epcot #viral #cops #drunkatepcot #foodandwinefestival2022

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Commenters on each of @corasmomster’s videos shared their bafflement at the woman’s actions and joked about some of the more absurd elements of the footage. The whimsical, gentle EPCOT music maintains in the background of each of the videos as the woman shrieks and swears, and many viewers found this to be one of the absolute best elements of the videos. One viewer even noted that the “music in the background” was so “on point” that it resulted in the footage feeling like “an Oscar-worthy movie.”

More than anything, viewers are deeply exasperated by the woman’s actions, and the bad name she gives to all the reasonable Disney adults out there. They criticized her for making such a scene in a place meant to be peaceful and oriented around children and commented on the availability of alcohol at Disney parks.

In general, people seem to find the woman’s actions unsurprising but deeply disappointing. Other Disney adults, in particular, are sharing exasperation over her belligerent behavior, as they are once again forced to defend their continued love of Disney. Everyone else is largely soaking up the addictive, dramatic video, and making jokes about the staggering cost of getting drunk at EPCOT.

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