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‘Stranger Things’ fans discuss who they’d be willing to see die

The world of 'Stranger Things' is a cruel one, and fans know it as many took to Reddit to discuss which characters they wouldn't mind losing at the end of the penultimate season.

Stranger Things
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Stranger Things has never been one to shy away from killing off characters, and as the situation is getting more dire for the residents of Hawkins, fans are wondering just who they are willing to see get the chop.

Throughout Stranger Things‘ many seasons we have seen a fair amount of likable characters meet their demise at the hands of the Upside Down. In season one we saw Nancy’s best friend, Barb, disappear into the Upside Down and was later found in a rather gruesome state. Season two saw the death of sweet, resourceful Bob at the hands of the Demodogs as he wasn’t quite fast enough to get away. In season three the childlike Alexi, whom fans had come to care for, was killed by his own comrades and Max’s brother, Billy, who, despite being a bit of a dick for most of the show, sacrificed himself in order to protect Eleven and the others.

But season four, part one has really ramped up the grisly nature of the deaths, with students from Hawkins High being hunted and then broken by Vecna in some of the more disturbing death scenes of the show. As part one has left the season on a midway cliffhanger, fans are certain that a main character’s death is inevitable. Not only that but actor Noah Schnapp let slip that more deaths are on the way. Now it’s just a case of who they would be willing to say goodbye to.

A thread on Reddit has asked this exact question, stating that the death of Jonathan Byers wouldn’t phase them too much.

Fans put forward their own suggestions, picking out characters that they have zero qualms if they met a grizzly end.

These fans think that the high school jock, Jason, a boy who uses his impressive public speaking skills to motivate hate and cruelty should get the chop.

A lot are more than happy for Dr. Brenner to kick the bucket, the man used children as test subjects for crying out loud.

His treatment of Eleven leaves something to be desired, as he manipulates her previous emotional ties to him for his own ends.

Some are betting that Murray is heading the way of the gallows seen as the show is building up his character, potentially to pull the rug out from under our feet.

But there would be some unhappy viewers out there if that were to happen.

Many are down for the death of Russian smuggler Yuri, who has done some pretty shady stuff over the last few episodes.

It would seem that this trio is certainly unpopular with fans, as their names come up over and over again.

Many fans also put forward for characters they want to survive.

Some have ranked those they want to stay and those they would be happy to see go.

The brilliance of Stranger Things is that fans know that almost anyone is fair game, and as the show ramps up to its final season we know that the stakes have never been higher.

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