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What is the TikTok ‘I Feel Bonita’ Trend?

Do you or do you not feel bonita?

While it’s true TikTok houses some of the most cursed memes and inane trends on the internet, the app is just as capable of creating wholesome pop culture moments, like the Pedro Pascal car meme. Thankfully, the new “I Feel Bonita” (Spanish for “beautiful”) trend is just as wholesome and doesn’t encourage partakers to engage in any risky behavior.

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Most TikTok trends are based on a viral sound and this one is no different. The videos all follow the same script; first a person asks, “Do you or do you not feel bonita?” and a second, slightly exasperated voice replies, “I feel bonita.” The first enthusiastically responds, “Wonderful! Because you look bonita!” If you’re feeling lost, here’s where the trend comes from and how people are using it.

Where is the “I Feel Bonita” sound from?

If you’ve ever watched Family Guy, you might have already recognized the viral sound. The TikTok audio comes from season 16, episode 11 of the popular Fox animated show, an episode titled “Dog Bites Bear.” The episode’s plot is focused on a fight between family dog Brian and toddler Stewie but the dialogue comes from a short conversation between Brian and Chris. Chris is running a Quinceañera dress-making business out of their kitchen and ropes Brian into trying on a dress when the dog asks Chris about Stewie’s well-being following their argument.

The conversation moves the plot along by revealing Stewie’s on the mend but it wouldn’t be Family Guy without a little added comedy, and Chris asks Brian if he feels as “bonita” as he looks.

With the context, we can understand why Brian’s reply is low-energy compared to Chris but the juxtaposition makes for a great TikTok sound. According to the unofficial meme encyclopedia Know Your Meme, the sound first went viral in January but that video has since been deleted.

The audio now being used is from an animated video made by user @THEREALFIERY posted on February 24, 2023. The full audio includes Chris saying, “Gracias cariña, puedes recogerlo el miercoles,” (“Thank you dear, you can pick it up Wednesday”) but most videos don’t use this portion of the audio.

How are people using the sound?


I took Dress Up very seriously🤌🏻


As you might expect, most TikTok creators use the audio in a similar manner as the Family Guy clip. Generally, person 1 is hyping up the “bonita” person 2 who is not as enthused. One of the most popular videos by @kallmekris uses the sound to talk about forcing their father to play dress-up during childhood.

Other users have used the sound to show themselves off after they do a cute makeup look or have dolled themselves up in some way.

In what is probably our favorite use of the meme, some users have used the trend to show off their adorable pets.


I know he hates it but I swear he only had it on for two seconds lol #cathat


Why the “I Feel Bonita” trend is one of TikTok’s best

In an internet filled with cringe and despair, the “I Feel Bonita” trend is a breath of fresh air. It encourages uplifting others and having a strong sense of self-confidence. It is one of the most positive trends on the platform and stands out against the many that are more mean-spirited in nature.

Many TikTok trends are short-lived but here’s hoping this one sticks around.

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