The Mets Jose Reyes Goes 1 For 1, Then He’s Done?

Jose Reyes of the New York Mets is the National League batting champion!  Let’s hear it for Jose!  Hip hip hooray!  In a scintillating race for the batting crown that came down to the last day, Reyes edged Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun .337 to .332 and became the first ever batting champ in Mets history. That must be a really big deal.

Reyes went 1-1, then promptly left the game to best ensure his crown. Was it the right thing to do?  It depends on who you ask. Some call it classless and a slap in the face to the game, some say it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. Regardless of the ethics behind it, Reyes is the batting champ and he’ll have to live with his decision.

The way I look at it, had he played the entire game it was a win/win from a public opinion standpoint. He plays all 9 innings and takes the batting title he’s praised for giving it his all in a meaningless game. If he played and saw his average dip below Braun’s he’ll be know as the guy that put team first.

Do you agree with how he did it?