NFL Bottom Of The Barrel – Week 6

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride this season with many teams proving NFL experts wrong with confounding performances. As we look ahead to week six, let’s examine which teams are at the bottom of the barrel and why they belong there. Before we begin, let’s remind ourselves of who Lester put in the bottom three last week.

30. Oakland Raiders

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

32 Cleveland Browns

30. Kansas City Chiefs

How can a team with Jamaal Charles at running back be playing so badly? They most recently lost 9-6 to the Baltimore Ravens in a game which saw Matt Cassel suffer a concussion.

Cassel hasn’t played particularly well though, throwing nine interceptions, all of which contributed to his poor 66.2 passer rating. Fans are anxious to see backup QB Brady Quinn given a chance, but how much of a difference he will make is questionable.

Put it this way – without Jamaal Charles this team would have been in the bottom three a long time ago. They travel to Tampa Bay this week and likely could be sitting at 1-5 come week’s end.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

Lester had them at 31 last week and this is where they stay following a big loss to a strong Chicago Bears team.

The Jags have only averaged 13 points per game while allowing 27.6 points to opposing teams. This is just not good enough.

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew has played well and is responsible for the team’s only rushing touchdown on the year. The Jags’ passer, Blaine Gabbert has been average at best and rookie wide receiver Justin Blackmon has not been as advertised.

They have their bye this week, but following that they take on a poor Oakland Raiders team. Hope remains that they can scramble out of the barrel as the season progresses. We shall see.

32. Tennessee Titans

Making their first appearance in the bottom of the barrel, the Titans have definitely earned their place here.

Running back Chris Johnson, who was so good a couple of years ago is a shadow of his former self. He has rushed for just 210 yards with a sad average of 2.8 yards per carry and no touchdowns.

Quarterback Jake Locker hasn’t been awful, throwing four touchdowns, but it hasn’t been enough to get the job done.

The Titans have allowed 36.2 points per game which is going to make it very difficult to win many games in the NFL, especially when you don’t have one of the league’s most potent offenses.

They play the Steelers this week and I can’t see them winning that one. If things don’t improve, the Titans could be a firm fixture in the bottom three for weeks to come.

Don’t forget to read Lester’s post to see who this week’s cream of the crop is.