Pretty Much Anything Is Greater Than Tim Tebow

Good old ESPN, The Worldwide Leader In Sports.  Their website moderators have had a rough time the last few days (more on that later).  In what seemed like an innocent enough article about the Denver Broncos future quarterback situation, and how it shouldn’t include Tim Tebow, the comment thread exploded into something that has to be seen to believe.

I wonder if Bill Williamson had any idea his article would evolve into a life of it’s own.  Here’s a link to the ESPN article, be sure that you scroll down to the comments and click on Live for the constant stream of things that are greater than Tebow.

Some examples I pulled from the what must be thousands of comments on the thread;

Ashlee Simpson on SNL > Tebow
Zima > Tebow
stephen hawking’s ability as a pocket passer > Tebow
The Chevy Chase Show > Tebow

Some are tasteless, some crass, some obscene, some not exactly what you would call politically correct, but in my opinion all are extremely hilarious.  The kicker in this whole thing is that anyone that commented on the thread immediately had their ESPN account suspended for a terms of service violation.  Not making fun of the great Tim Tebow must be a new ESPN rule.

But the powers that be at ESPN gave up.  There was just far to much action going on to keep up with.  For those that are concerned that the “greater than Tebow” is a shot at the iconic, muscled up QB,  Deadspin has described OccupyTebow perfectly.

“X > Tebow” is as much about Tebow as Nyan Cat is about Pop-Tarts.