The White Sox Should Say Goodbye To Adam Dunn

I was this close to going with the puntastic and obvious Adam “Done” title for this post but he’s playing so bad, that cracking wise seemed inappropriate.  Instead I’ll talk straight and keep it real. Adam Dunn, as a major league player, is garbage. The only thing more befuddling to me than his crappy play, is why Ozzie Guillen keeps writing him name in the lineup. Terrible. Just terrible.

It’s to the point that I really think Sox skipper Guillen is doing it as a way to stick it to their GM Kenny Williams. Williams wanted a big bopper at DH, he signed Dunn, and through the beginning of August he’s batting .165 with 10 home runs.  The last seven days he’s hitting at a .235 clip, so maybe,  just maybe…

Dunn is 31 years old, which should place him in his prime, but he hasn’t hit all season. Sometimes “it” just goes, and in Dunn’s case, “it” has. He’s single handily killing the White Sox’s chances in a mediocre AL Central. The Cleveland Indians started out hot, but haven’t kept it up. The Detroit Tigers have been in first of late, but they’re still just a handful of games over .500. Adam Dunn, in the middle of that White Sox lineup is a joke.

There’s been no report of injury, but he needs a rehab assignment in the minors. Send him down for what ever reason, hangnail, bruised ego, whooping cough, to let him work on his broken swing, and if he’s still hitting like a weak cousin of Mario Mendoza, then cut ties with the 56 million dollar mistake.